Jeff Thompson for Idaho Falls Mayor


Leadership is often described with words like prestige, power, and position. But that isn’t how I define it. To me, leadership can be described in one word – service. I hope to continue to serve the people of Idaho Falls. Leadership is about results, and I pledge to continue to develop legislation that will benefit our community, uphold our timeless values, and preserve our liberties.

What are the mayoral issues that I am passionate about?

Strengthening Education

As someone who has spent a number of years working in education, I genuinely understand the challenges that we face as a state and will continue to confront them responsibly.

  • Reward the teachers who shape future generations.
  • Ensure that dollars allocated to education in Idaho are spent efficiently.
  • Prepare our students for a changing workforce that will require post-secondary education.

Revitalizing our Economy

A strong job market is the product of a healthy and vibrant business community. The government must trust in the free market, and minimize the burden of taxation and regulation.

  • Support legislation that is business-friendly and encourages free-market policies.
  • Create policies that support job growth and the ability to keep Idahoans at work.
  • Minimize taxation and intrusive government regulation.

Maintaining the Proper Role of Government

I believe that each facet of government must operate within the sphere of influence for which it was intended.

  • The Federal government should provide protection, not direction.
  • Execute State government duties as outlined in the State Constitution.
  • Govern whenever possible at the community level.

Encouraging Support for the Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
The INL is an incredible asset to our state that provides innovative technology and jobs to many in southeast Idaho.

  • Explore opportunities for funding support for INL and it's contractors.
  • Encourage research and development initiatives.
  • Leverage Idaho's resources in ways that smartly benefit the INL's projects.

I consider it a great honor and grave responsibility to represent your interests – it’s not something I take lightly. Thank you for this privilege and please don’t hesitate to contact me with your concerns, questions, or ideas.


Jeff Thompson

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Jeff Thompson for Idaho Falls Mayor