Jeff Supports Bonneville County Republicans Booth at EISF

September 14

Jeff was happy to volunteer his time at the Bonneville County Republicans booth at the Eastern Idaho State Fair. Thanks to all who stopped by and said hello! 


Jeff Thompson Selected as Chair of CSG West

May 01


Idaho state Rep. Jeff Thompson serves as the 2016 chair of The Council of State Governments West. Thompson will host the 2016 CSG West Annual Meeting Sept. 6–9 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. He believes that states must maintain their sovereignty and that, working together, they can find shared solutions. Thompson is a 2013 CSG Toll Fellow. Read on to see his official interview in CSG's publication Capitol Ideas.


Thank You Idaho Falls!

November 05

Thank you for once again trusting me with your voice in the legislature. I am honored to have the opportunity to serve our great state.


Thank You for Your Letters of Support

May 14

Thanks to those who have written letters of support. 

Thompson Values Input

State Rep. Jeff Thompson posted a Legislative Session Survey on his website at the beginning of the year and I gladly filled it out! How refreshing it was to see an elected representative seeking the opinions of the people he serves. The survey gave me and others the chance to be heard. Thank you for getting off of the "high horse" that elected officials can sometimes get on and asking the folks who are affected by the laws of our state for their input. You have my vote May 20!

Debi Irick

Jeff Supports the INL

It's heartening to see Rep. Jeff Thompson's clear support of the INL. The Idaho National Laboratory is a strong economic driver of our community and I am pleased to see that Jeff over and over again has promoted the INL's benefits and importance to our community. We need to continue to elect representatives that see the value of investing in the INL. We need Jeff Thompson! 

M. Bludworth

Thompson is Accessible

There's no question in my mind that Representative Jeff Thompson knows and understands that it is his role to be among the citizens of District 30, gathering input and learning about our priorities so that he can properly represent our interests. Jeff is well-known throughout the community for supporting a variety of civic and charitable events where he takes the time to have genuine conversations that address meaningful issues. Jeff is accessible to the people that he serves - and it's one of the reasons why I am voting for him. He is an educated, well-respected legislator that treats his constituents with respect. I hope that you'll join me in supporting him.

Mitzi & Kevin Bodily

Jeff has Proven Character

Abe Lincoln once said, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.”  I just wanted to point out that as one of our state representatives, Jeff Thompson has proven his character. He has proven that he is a man that is interested in more than just a job in Boise. As he has shown in the past, Jeff is willing to listen to those whom he represents and work hard to accomplish what is best for them. Just like he is willing to do with any of his constituents, Jeff has taken time to discuss what is important to me. With a history as an educator that speaks for itself, he is a sure advocate for our children's education and future. As president Lincoln pointed out, once a representative is elected, his true colors always show through. I rest easy knowing that Jeff's true colors will continue to paint a bright future for Idaho.

D.D. Eck

Support Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson is one of the greatest individuals that I know. I have known Jeff for about 14 years and I have always thought very highly of him. Jeff Thompson is undoubtedly a man of good character. He embodies a man with a congenial disposition while possessing outstanding morals. He has a high sense of honor and a deep sense of personal responsibility. I can clearly see through the time that I have spent with Jeff that he truly cares for the individuals that he works with and around. It’s clear that he has a passion for the people and the work that he does. Representative Thompson was my mentor for my senior project. In working with him I quickly came to realize how much he valued education. He loves working with students to make a positive impact on the up and coming generations. Rep. Thompson is what we need to build a better and brighter future for Idaho.

Joshua C. Cook


Support Jeff with a Yard Sign

April 07
Yard signs are going up!

Please let me know if you'd like one - send me an email at with your address and we will put one up for you. Thanks!

AG All Stars

April 07

Thank you to Food Producers of Idaho for naming me an Ag All Star Legislator. I appreciate their support and all that they provide to our state.



Thompson for Idaho